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H A Dexample.c7 void completion(const char *buf, linenoiseCompletions *lc) { function
34 /* Set the completion callback. This will be called every time the
36 linenoiseSetCompletionCallback(completion);
H A Dcplmatch.c81 CompleteFile *cf; /* The resources used for filename completion */
102 * the builtin file-completion callback function to modify its behavior.
113 /* to the completion suffixes. */
162 * Create a new string-completion object.
222 * Allocate a filename-completion resource object.
233 * Delete a string-completion object.
259 * functions. It adds one possible completion of the token that is being
260 * completed to an array of completions. If the completion needs any
279 * appends this string to the completion to indicate
282 * cont_suffix const char * If this turns out to be the only completion,
976 const char *completion; /* The completion string of the last unique match */ local
H A Dipmi_bmc.c96 int *completion)
165 *completion =[0];
169 *completion = 0;
95 ipmi_bmc_send(void *data, ipmi_cmd_t *cmd, ipmi_cmd_t *response, int *completion) argument
H A Dipmi_lan.c515 int *completion)
550 *completion = rsp->ir_ccode;
554 *completion = 0;
514 ipmi_lan_send(void *data, ipmi_cmd_t *cmd, ipmi_cmd_t *response, int *completion) argument
H A DMakefile.com63 edit/completion.o \
H A Dimmu_regs.c62 * wait max 60s for the hardware completion
65 #define wait_completion(immu, offset, getf, completion, status) \
73 if (completion) { \
78 "immu wait completion time out"); \
H A Dlibtecla.h277 * their own customized completion functions.
281 * Ambiguous completion matches are recorded in objects of the
287 * Create a new completion object.
292 * Delete a redundant completion object.
298 * are called upon to return an array of possible completion suffixes
302 * completion before returning.
352 * cpl_file_completions() is the builtin filename completion callback
357 * NULL to request the default behaviour of the file-completion function,
430 * When an error occurs while performing a completion, custom completion
1579 char *completion; /* The matching completion string */ member in struct:__anon4363
H A Dmach_sfmmu_asm.s686 cmp %i1, (4*VIS_BLOCKSIZE) ! check for completion
H A Dskd.h308 struct fit_completion_entry_v1 completion; member in struct:skd_request_context
H A Dskd.c1462 * Name: skd_complete_internal, handles the completion of
1466 * skcomp - completion structure.
1495 skspcl->req.completion = *skcomp;
1499 status = skspcl->req.completion.status;
1917 * Update the completion queue head index and possibly
1918 * the completion cycle count.
1942 * This is not a completion for a r/w request.
1989 skreq->completion.status = cmp_status;
2036 * Save the entire completion
2040 skreq->completion
H A Dmemcpy.s390 bz,pt %ncc, .smallexit ! check for completion
H A Dmemcpy.s411 bz,pt %ncc, .smallexit ! check for completion
H A Decore.tex904 These functions expose the \texttt{ecore\_spq} implementation -- upper-driver layer can choose whether to wait for completion, supply a callback for completion or do-nothing upon completion (the last will usually be the chosen path).
926 Following the completion of the \texttt{vport\_stop}, no further traffic should be working. Interrupts can be released, and resources can freed.
1077 When this call completes, the connection is offloaded and 3-way handshake started. 3-way handshake completion is indicated by an asynchronous call from ecore.
1521 \texttt{cbs} & Callback functions that should be called on completion or release of rx / tx packets. \\ \hline
H A Dinityp2l.sh350 client ypserv will wait for completion of a search operation,

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