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H A Das-name.c1 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(__user))) macro
5 static void foo(void __user *ptr)
15 as-name.c:7:20: got void __user *ptr
H A Daddress_space.c1 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(1))) macro
5 static int sys_do_stuff(void __user *user_addr)
H A Dstruct-as.c5 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(1))) macro
11 extern int test(int __user *ip);
13 static int broken(struct hello __user *sp)
H A DWaddress-space-strict.c1 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(1))) macro
6 static void expl(ulong u, void *v, obj_t *o, obj_t __user *p)
9 (obj_t __user*)(u);
12 (obj_t __user*)(v);
17 (obj_t __user*)(o);
22 (obj_t __user*)(p); // ok
H A DWcast-to-as.c1 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(1))) macro
7 static void expl(ulong u, uintptr_t uip, void *v, obj_t *o, obj_t __user *p)
10 (obj_t __user*)(u);
13 (obj_t __user*)(uip);
16 (obj_t __user*)(v);
21 (obj_t __user*)(o);
24 (obj_t __user*)(p);
H A Dtype-attribute-as.c1 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(1))) macro
5 } __user; variable in typeref:struct:s
9 extern void use1(void __user *);
H A Dtype-compare.c1 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(1))) macro
57 if ([int *] == [int __user *]) return 1;
H A Dfunction-redecl.c1 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(1))) macro
13 void __user *ret_as(void) { return NULL; } /* check-should-fail */
29 void arg_as(void __user *a) { } /* check-should-fail */
H A Dptr-inherit.c1 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(1))) macro
35 int __user o;
H A DWaddress-space-from.c3 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(__user))) macro
12 obj_t __user *p, obj_t __percpu *pc,
31 (obj_t __user*)(p); // OK
56 Waddress-space-from.c:29:10: warning: cast removes address space '__user' of expression
57 Waddress-space-from.c:30:10: warning: cast removes address space '__user' of expression
H A DWaddress-space-all-attr.c3 #define __user __attribute__((address_space(1))) macro
13 obj_t __user *p, obj_t __percpu *pc,
29 (obj_t __user*)(p);

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