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H A Dsgtty.h126 #define TIOCEXCL (('t'<<8)|13) macro
H A Dttold.h119 #define TIOCEXCL (tIOC|13) macro
H A Dtermios.h418 #define TIOCEXCL (tIOC|13) macro
H A Dtty_common.c226 case TIOCEXCL:
301 case TIOCEXCL:
H A Dttcompat.c178 /* fail open if TIOCEXCL was done and its not privileged */
642 case TIOCEXCL:
H A Dline.c520 (void) (*Ioctl)(tty, TIOCEXCL, STBNULL);
H A Dcodes.c365 { (uint_t)TIOCEXCL, "TIOCEXCL", NULL },
H A Dstreamio.c3228 case TIOCEXCL:

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