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H A Dnvpair_json.c55 FPRINTF(fp, "\""); in nvlist_print_json_string()
62 FPRINTF(fp, "\\n"); in nvlist_print_json_string()
65 FPRINTF(fp, "\\r"); in nvlist_print_json_string()
71 FPRINTF(fp, "\\f"); in nvlist_print_json_string()
74 FPRINTF(fp, "\\t"); in nvlist_print_json_string()
108 FPRINTF(fp, "\""); in nvlist_print_json_string()
123 FPRINTF(fp, "{"); in nvlist_print_json()
130 FPRINTF(fp, ","); in nvlist_print_json()
136 FPRINTF(fp, ":"); in nvlist_print_json()
229 FPRINTF(fp, "["); in nvlist_print_json()
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H A Dgencat.c65 #define FPRINTF (void) fprintf macro
173 FPRINTF(stderr, MSG(6));
291 FPRINTF(stderr, MSG(6));
540 FPRINTF(stderr, MSG(5), pathname);
552 FPRINTF(stderr, MSG(5), pathname);
557 FPRINTF(stderr, MSG(6));
582 FPRINTF(stderr, MSG(6)); in extend_text()
677 FPRINTF(stderr, MSG(13),
1063 FPRINTF(stderr, MSG(6));
1135 FPRINTF(stderr, MSG(1));
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H A Dprintpooldata.c15 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
H A Dprinthashdata.c15 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
H A Dprinthash_live.c15 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
H A Dprintpool_live.c15 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
H A Dprinthashnode.c12 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
H A Dprintpool.c15 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
H A Dprinthash.c15 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
H A Dprintstate.c11 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
H A Dlp.h300 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
H A Dipfstat.c92 #define FPRINTF (void)fprintf macro
1024 FPRINTF(stderr, "No -i or -o given with -a\n");
1047 FPRINTF(stderr, "showlist:opts %#x i %d\n", opts, i);
1052 FPRINTF(stderr, "empty list for %s%s\n",