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H A Dbt_page.c78 DB_LOCK metalock;
140 DB_LOCK lock;
159 DB_LOCK metalock;
267 DB_LOCK *lockp;
H A Dbt_rsearch.c74 DB_LOCK lock;
333 DB_LOCK lock;
H A Dbt_delete.c303 DB_LOCK lock;
412 DB_LOCK c_lock, p_lock;
H A Dbt_open.c213 DB_LOCK metalock, rootlock;
H A Dbt_stat.c42 DB_LOCK lock;
H A Dbt_search.c82 DB_LOCK lock;
H A Dbt_cursor.c237 DB_LOCK lock;
1399 DB_LOCK lock;
1638 DB_LOCK lock;
H A Dbt_split.c260 DB_LOCK tplock;
H A Dhash.h54 DB_LOCK hlock; /* Metadata page lock. */
62 DB_LOCK lock; /* Lock held on the current bucket. */
140 DB_LOCK _tmp; \
H A Dbtree.h126 DB_LOCK lock; /* The page's lock. */
192 DB_LOCK lock; /* Cursor read lock. */
H A Dlock_ext.h10 DB_LOCK, db_lockmode_t, u_int32_t));
H A Dbtree_ext.h31 int __bam_lput __P((DBC *, DB_LOCK));
35 __P((DBC *, int, db_pgno_t, db_lockmode_t, DB_LOCK *));
H A Ddb.h82 #define DB_LOCK 0x20000000 /* Do locking. */ macro
86 #define DB_LOCK 0x2000 /* Do locking. */ macro
H A Ddb.h85 typedef size_t DB_LOCK; /* Object returned by lock manager. */ typedef
504 DB_LOCK mylock; /* Lock held on this cursor. */
657 DB_LOCK lock; /* Lock returned. */
695 u_int32_t, u_int32_t, const DBT *, db_lockmode_t, DB_LOCK *));
699 int lock_put __P((DB_LOCKTAB *, DB_LOCK));
701 DB_TXN *, u_int32_t, const DBT *, db_lockmode_t, DB_LOCK *));
H A Ddb.c57 #define DB_FLAGS (DB_LOCK | DB_SHMEM | DB_TXN)
H A Dlock.c267 DB_LOCK *lock;
304 DB_LOCK *lock;
336 DB_LOCK lock;
933 DB_LOCK lock;
H A Dlock_deadlock.c48 DB_LOCK last_lock;
H A Dbt_open.c320 if (dflags & DB_LOCK)
H A Ddevinfo_devlink.h194 #define DB_LOCK ".devlink_db_lock" macro
H A Ddevinfo_devlink.c3087 get_db_path(hdp, DB_LOCK, lockfile, sizeof (lockfile)); in enter_db_lock()
H A Ddb_dup.c540 DB_LOCK npl, ppl;