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H A Dacpiosxf.h247 ACPI_SPINLOCK *OutHandle);
253 ACPI_SPINLOCK Handle);
259 ACPI_SPINLOCK Handle);
H A Dacglobal.h218 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_SPINLOCK, AcpiGbl_GlobalLockPendingLock);
228 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_SPINLOCK, AcpiGbl_GpeLock); /* For GPE data structs and registe…
229 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_SPINLOCK, AcpiGbl_HardwareLock); /* For ACPI H/W except GPE register…
230 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_SPINLOCK, AcpiGbl_ReferenceCountLock);
529 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_SPINLOCK, AcpiGbl_PrintLock); /* For print buffer */
H A Dactypes.h390 #ifndef ACPI_SPINLOCK
391 #define ACPI_SPINLOCK void * macro
H A Dacdragonflyex.h169 ACPI_SPINLOCK Spin,
H A Dachaiku.h174 #define ACPI_SPINLOCK spinlock * macro
H A Dacdragonfly.h221 #define ACPI_SPINLOCK struct acpi_spinlock * macro
H A Daclinux.h247 #define ACPI_SPINLOCK spinlock_t * macro
H A Dosunixxf.c1150 ACPI_SPINLOCK *OutHandle) in AcpiOsCreateLock()
1159 ACPI_SPINLOCK Handle) in AcpiOsDeleteLock()
1176 ACPI_SPINLOCK Handle, in AcpiOsReleaseLock()
H A Dchanges.txt8704 Implemented a new ACPI_SPINLOCK type for the OSL lock interfaces. This