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H A Dvwprintw.c47 #undef va_start macro
H A Dvwscanw.c47 #undef va_start macro
H A Dvarargs.h63 #define va_start(list, name) __va_start(list, name) macro
H A Dva-sparc.h65 * The Solaris kernel stdarg style va_start() even though it includes
75 #define va_start(AP, LASTARG) \ macro
90 #define va_start(AP, LASTARG) \ macro
93 #define va_start(AP, LASTARG) \ macro
105 #define va_start(AP) \ macro
119 #define va_start(AP) \ macro
135 #define va_start(AP) ((AP) = (char *) __builtin_saveregs ()) macro
137 #define va_start(AP) \ macro
H A Defistdarg.h34 #define va_start(ap,v) ( ap = (va_list)&v + _INTSIZEOF(v) ) macro
H A Dstdarg_iso.h72 #define va_start(list, name) __va_start(list, name) macro
H A Dvwscanw.c52 #undef va_start macro
H A Dvwprintw.c49 #undef va_start macro
H A Dstdarg.h44 #define va_start(ap, last) \ macro
65 #define va_start(ap, last) \ macro
H A Dvarargs.h59 #define va_start(list) __va_start(list, va_alist) macro
H A Dacmsvcex.h199 #define va_start(ap, A) (void) ((ap) = (((char *) &(A)) + (_Bnd (A,_AUPBND)))) macro
H A Dacgcc.h162 #define va_start(v, l) __builtin_va_start(v, l) macro
H A DmDNSEmbeddedAPI.h62 #define va_start(a, b) VA_START(a, b) macro
H A DMakefile1308 va_start.9f \
2262 va_start.9f := LINKSRC = va_arg.9f

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