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H A Dvar.c17 char *v_name; member in struct:variable
33 if (!strcmp(name, v->v_name))
175 v->v_name = strdup(name);
H A DABIMacOSX_arm64.cpp518 char v_name[8]; local
519 ::snprintf(v_name, sizeof(v_name), "v%u", NSRN);
521 reg_ctx->GetRegisterInfoByName(v_name, 0);
H A DABISysV_arm64.cpp493 char v_name[8]; local
494 ::snprintf(v_name, sizeof(v_name), "v%u", NSRN);
496 reg_ctx->GetRegisterInfoByName(v_name, 0);
H A Ddef.h205 char *v_name; /* The variable's name */ member in struct:var
H A Dtip.h105 char *v_name; /* whose name is it */ member in struct:__anon15
H A Dg_raid.h257 char v_name[G_RAID_MAX_VOLUMENAME]; member in struct:g_raid_volume
H A Dsh.h1011 Char *v_name; /* Name of variable/alias */ member in struct:varent
H A Dif_bge.c248 const char *v_name; member in struct:bge_vendor
2635 for (v = bge_vendors; v->v_name != NULL; v++)
2729 v != NULL ? v->v_name : "Unknown",
H A Dzfsimpl.h1786 const char *v_name; /* vdev name */ member in struct:vdev

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