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H A Dblock.c30 C++ files, namely using declarations and the current namespace in
36 struct using_direct *using; member in struct:block_namespace_info
192 /* This returns the first using directives associated to BLOCK, if
196 only have using directives in static blocks, because we only
197 generate using directives from anonymous namespaces. Eventually,
198 when we support using directives everywhere, we'll want to replace
210 return BLOCK_NAMESPACE (static_block)->using;
213 /* Set BLOCK's using member to USING; if needed, allocate memory via
219 struct using_direct *using,
224 BLOCK_NAMESPACE (block)->using
218 block_set_using(struct block *block, struct using_direct *using, struct obstack *obstack) argument
H A Dcp-namespace.c62 /* List of using directives that are active in the current file. */
71 static struct using_direct *cp_copy_usings (struct using_direct *using,
122 /* Add all the using directives we've gathered to the current symtab.
140 anonymous namespace; if so, add an appropriate using directive. */
191 /* Add a using directive to using_list. NAME is the start of a string
194 INNER_LENGTH is the end of the inner namespace. If the using
271 /* Create a new struct using direct whose inner namespace is the
275 using xmalloc. It copies the strings, so NAME can be a temporary
296 /* Make a copy of the using directives in the list pointed to by
297 USING, using OBSTAC
301 cp_copy_usings(struct using_direct *using, struct obstack *obstack) argument
H A Ddiff3.c531 elements on each of the using lists.
553 struct diff_block *using[2];
584 using[0] = using[1] = last_using[0] = last_using[1] = 0;
601 /* Make the diff you just got info from into the using class */
602 using[high_water_thread]
618 /* Incorporate this diff into the using list. Note that
620 if (using[other_thread])
623 using[other_thread] = other_diff;
650 /* The using list
550 struct diff_block *using[2]; local
684 using_to_diff3_block(struct diff_block *using[2], struct diff_block *last_using[2], int low_thread, int high_thread, struct diff3_block const *last_diff3) argument

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