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H A Dprintgprof.c43 * Symbols that must never be printed, no matter what.
351 * say that's first (e.g. less, i.e. -1).
715 membercmp(nltype *this, nltype *that) argument
718 double thattime = that->propself + that->propchild;
720 actype thatcalls = that->ncall + that->selfcalls;
785 * that is a self call
798 * that is a call within the cycle, too
809 * that is
H A Dst.c227 * Asynchronous I/O's main offering is that it is a non-blocking way to do
231 * that may happen when we don't want the HBA to continue. Therein comes
704 * When the tape drive is opened, the driver attempts to make sure that
718 * indicate that further attempts to open the tape device may result in
809 * Since some x86 HBAs have devnodes that look like SCSI as
843 * that are connected or capable if connecting to this logical
1021 * XXX - This is just for 2.6. to tell users that write buffering
1056 "Received a value that looked like -1. Using 64k maxdma");
1275 * then we assume that it is safe to unload.
1288 * Send Test Unit Ready in the hopes that i
17560 caddr_t that; local

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