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H A Dstrchr.S35 A very simple strchr routine, from benchmarks on A9 it's a bit faster than
38 of strchr cases are very short anyway.
56 .global strchr
57 .type strchr,%function
58 strchr: label
H A Dacgccex.h156 * Some versions of gcc implement strchr() with a buggy macro. So,
162 #ifdef strchr
163 #undef strchr macro
H A Dstrchr.c1 /* Portable version of strchr()
6 @deftypefn Supplemental char* strchr (const char *@var{s}, int @var{c})
19 strchr (register const char *s, int c) function
H A Dstrchr.S35 * strchr(s, c)
48 ENTRY(strchr) function
64 END(strchr)
66 WEAK_REFERENCE(strchr, index)
H A Dstrchr.c39 strchr(const char *cp, int ch) function
H A Dstrchr.c5 char *strchr(char const *s, int c);
10 The strchr() function returns a pointer to the first occurrence of the
20 The strchr() and strrchr() functions return a pointer to the matched
28 strchr(char const *s, int c);
34 strchr(char const *s, int c) function
H A Dcompat.h337 # define strchr index macro
H A Dstrchr.c42 strchr(const char *p, int ch) function
56 __weak_reference(strchr, index);
H A Dstring.h37 const char* strchr(const char* s, int c);
38 char* strchr( char* s, int c);
73 char* __libcpp_strchr(const char* __s, int __c) {return (char*)strchr(__s, __c);}
75 const char* strchr(const char* __s, int __c) {return __libcpp_strchr(__s, __c);} function
77 char* strchr( char* __s, int __c) {return __libcpp_strchr(__s, __c);} function
H A Dconfigure4293 echo $ac_n "checking for strchr""... $ac_c" 1>&6
4294 echo "configure:4295: checking for strchr" >&5
4302 which can conflict with char strchr(); below. */
4307 char strchr();
4317 strchr(); function
4334 if eval "test \"`echo '$ac_cv_func_'strchr`\" = yes"; then
4342 MISSING="${MISSING}strchr.o "; for ac_func in index
H A Dautoopts.c58 # define strchr(_s, _c) option_strchr(_s, _c) macro
59 # include "compat/strchr.c"
H A Dlessecho.c146 strchr(s, c) function
248 if (strchr(metachars, *s) != NULL)
260 if (strchr(metachars, *s) != NULL)
H A Dos.c299 * strchr is used by regexp.c.
302 strchr(s, c) function
H A Dxstrtol.c42 # ifndef strchr
43 # define strchr index macro
158 if (!strchr (valid_suffixes, **p))
164 if (strchr (valid_suffixes, '0'))
H A Dsystem.h152 # undef strchr macro
153 # define strchr index macro
H A Dasan_win_dll_thunk.cpp71 INTERCEPT_LIBRARY_FUNCTION(strchr); variable
H A Dos.h533 #define os_strchr(s, c) strchr((s), (c))
652 #undef strchr macro
653 #define strchr OS_DO_NOT_USE_strchr macro
H A Dsh.h415 # define strchr(a, b) index(a, b) macro
1111 #define Strchr(a, b) strchr(a, b)

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