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H A Dpyzfs.py28 # Python is to run with -S (to disable "import site"), and start our
33 import site namespace
H A Dasan_globals.cc370 GlobalRegistrationSite site = {stack_id, &globals[0], &globals[n - 1]}; local
371 global_registration_site_vector->push_back(site);
H A Dtree-ssa-alias-warnings.c238 /* Keep data during a search for an aliasing site.
250 tree site;
254 /* Callback for find_alias_site. Return true if the right hand site
283 match->site = stmt;
302 = NULL_TREE;
308 return;
577 /* Find the reference site for OBJECT.
579 XXX: only the first site is returned in the current
621 /* If we could not find the alias site, set it to one of the dereference
631 /* If we could not find the dereference sites, set them to the alias site,
248 tree site; member in struct:alias_match
H A Dcmds.c1414 site(int argc, char **argv) function
H A Dcmds.c1652 site(int argc, char *argv[]) function

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