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H A Dmenu.c331 scsi() in scsi() function
H A Dskd.c1294 struct skd_scsi_request *scsi; in skd_format_internal_skspcl() local
1331 struct skd_scsi_request *scsi; in skd_send_internal_skspcl() local
1484 struct skd_scsi_request *scsi = in skd_complete_internal() local
H A Dbiosdisk.h44 } scsi; member
H A DMakefile708 scsi: libfru libumem libdevid libdevinfo target
H A Dcpqary3.h214 } scsi; /* To support tapes */ member
H A Dcommands.h75 uchar_t scsi[SCSI_CDB_SIZE-2]; member
H A Discsi.h453 } scsi; member
H A Dvds.c469 boolean_t scsi; /* is vDisk backed by scsi? */ member