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H A Dunm_nic.h264 uint16_t rx_pause; member
H A Dcommon.h180 u64 rx_pause; /* # of received pause frames */ member
H A Dt4_sge.c3507 kstat_named_t rx_pause; member
H A Dqede.h571 boolean_t rx_pause; member
H A Dmyri10ge.c4900 int slices_stalled, rx_pause, i; in myri10ge_watchdog() local
H A Demlxs_menlo.h571 uint64_t rx_pause; member
H A Di40e_common.c1996 bool tx_pause, rx_pause; in i40e_aq_get_link_info() local
H A Dt4fw_interface.h7971 __be64 rx_pause; member