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H A Ddevalloc.c58 _da_check_for_usb(char *link, char *root_dir) in _da_check_for_usb()
178 char *root_dir) in _update_devalloc_db()
H A Ddevfsadm.c150 static char *root_dir = ""; variable
H A Dldap_glob.c36 __local_update_root_object(nis_name root_dir, nis_object *d_obj) { in __local_update_root_object()
46 __local_remove_root_object(nis_name root_dir, nis_object* d_obj) { in __local_remove_root_object()
H A Ds1394_hotplug.c135 uint32_t *root_dir; in s1394_create_devinfo() local
489 uint32_t *ptr, *root_dir, dir_len; in s1394_update_devinfo_tree() local
674 uint32_t *ptr, *root_dir, dir_len; in s1394_offline_node() local
H A Dsyseventadm.c76 static char *root_dir = ""; variable
220 enter_lock(char *root_dir) in enter_lock()
H A Dsyseventconfd.c77 static char *root_dir = ""; /* Relative root for lock and door */ variable
H A Dcfgrom.c83 sbp2_cfgrom_ent_t *root_dir = &crp->cr_root; in sbp2_cfgrom_parse() local
H A Ddevinfo_devlink.c125 di_devlink_open(const char *root_dir, uint_t flags) in di_devlink_open()
312 handle_alloc(const char *root_dir, uint_t flags) in handle_alloc()
1992 devlink_snapshot(const char *root_dir) in devlink_snapshot()
3075 enter_db_lock(struct di_devlink_handle *hdp, const char *root_dir) in enter_db_lock()
H A Dsyseventd.c76 char *root_dir = ""; /* Relative root for lock and door */ variable
H A Dndmpd_tar.c474 char root_dir[TLM_VOLNAME_MAX_LENGTH]; in get_dir_acl_info() local
H A Dhsfs_node.h143 struct hs_direntry root_dir; /* dir entry for Root Directory */ member
H A Droute.c409 const char *root_dir = NULL; in main() local
H A Dmkfs.c2780 struct direct root_dir[] = { variable