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H A Dlibnwam_ncp.c617 boolean_t read_only; in nwam_ncp_destroy() local
774 boolean_t read_only; in nwam_ncu_create() local
1165 boolean_t read_only; in nwam_ncu_commit() local
1303 boolean_t read_only, enabled, manual; in nwam_ncu_enable() local
1360 boolean_t read_only, enabled, manual; in nwam_ncu_disable() local
1411 boolean_t read_only; in nwam_ncu_destroy() local
H A Dmain.c45 int read_only = 0; variable
H A Dlibfru.h177 uint32_t read_only : 1; member
187 uint32_t read_only : 1; member
H A Dfru_access_impl.h91 unsigned read_only : 1; member
H A Dfru_access_impl.h85 unsigned read_only : 1; member
H A Dpkgserv.c180 static boolean_t read_only = B_FALSE; variable
H A Dmain.cc2688 read_environment(Boolean read_only) in read_environment()
H A Dsmatch_states.c57 static int read_only; variable
H A Dnwamcfg.c3986 boolean_t read_only = B_FALSE, all_props = B_FALSE; in walkprop_func() local
H A Ddefs.h396 Boolean read_only:1; member
H A Dfcoe_common.h615 …struct fcoe_tstorm_fcoe_task_st_ctx_read_only read_only /* FW read only part The fcoe task storm c… member
H A Dst.c16473 uchar_t read_only : 1, member