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H A Dmem_addr.c289 int rank; in channel_addr_to_dimm() local
402 dimm_to_addr(int node, int channel, int rank, uint64_t rank_addr, in dimm_to_addr()
642 int rank; in nhm_patounum() local
699 int rank; in nhm_unumtopa() local
866 set_rank(int socket, int channel, int rule, int way, int rank, in set_rank()
912 uint8_t rank; in mem_reg_init() local
H A Dintel_nhm.h287 uint8_t rank; member
H A Dnis.x108 int rank; member
131 int rank; member
H A Ddimm_addr.c193 dimm_add_rank(int branch, int rank, int branch_interleave, int way, in dimm_add_rank()
H A Dintel_nbdrv.c60 rank_to_base(uint8_t branch, uint8_t rank, uint8_t *interleave, uint64_t *limit, in rank_to_base()
H A Dnb_log.h209 int rank; member
253 uint8_t rank[4]; member
H A Dnb5000_init.c766 nb_rank2dimm(int channel, int rank) in nb_rank2dimm()
H A Dnb5000.h1170 #define MTR_5100_RD(channel, rank) ((rank) < 4 ? \ argument
H A Dcommon.c156 rank_string(const int rank) in rank_string()
209 int copies = 1, id = 0, rank = count, size = 0; in print_job_line() local
H A Dlpstat.c974 int32_t rank = -1; in report_job() local
1245 int rank = 0; in main() local
H A Dlpsched-jobs.c472 char *form, char *charset, short rank, char *file) in job_status_to_attributes()
H A Dprinter.c464 short rank = 0, state = 0; in papiPrinterListJobs() local
H A Djob.c952 short rank = 0, in papiJobQuery() local
H A Dchip_intel.c126 int rank; in mc_add_ranks() local
464 tnode_t *rank; in mc_rank_create_v1() local
H A Datq.c262 int rank; /* rank of a job */ in printqueue() local
H A Dimc_dump.c162 imc_rank_ileave_t *rank = &chan->ich_rankileaves[i]; in imc_dump_channel() local
H A Dmem_mdesc.c56 int chan, rank, dimm, chans, chan_step; in mdesc_init_n1() local
H A Dtrees.c838 int rank; /* index in bl_order */ local
H A Dmcamd_rowcol.c484 uint32_t rank, rowaddr, bankaddr, coladdr; in mc_offset_to_pa() local
H A Dprivlib.c125 int rank; member
H A Dmc_intel.h354 #define TCODE_OFFSET(rank, bank, ras, cas) (OFFSET_ROW_BANK_COL | \ argument
H A Dimc.c2043 imc_rank_ileave_t *rank, uint_t rirno, boolean_t contig) in imc_rir_read_ileave_offsets()
H A Dwificonfig.c1351 set_prefer(config_file_t *p_config_file, const char *prefer, int rank) in set_prefer()
2799 int rank = 0; in do_setprefer() local
H A Dzlib.c2199 int rank; /* index in bl_order */ local
H A Dzlib.c3052 int rank; /* index in bl_order */ local