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H A Dputchar.c36 static char sccsid[] = "@(#)putchar.c 8.1 (Berkeley) 6/4/93";
47 #undef putchar macro
51 * A subroutine version of the macro putchar
54 putchar(int c) function
H A Dbltin.h58 #undef putchar macro
59 #define putchar(c) out1c(c) macro
H A Dconsole.c131 putchar(int c) function
137 putchar('\r');
H A Dcons.c72 putchar(int c) function
199 putchar(c);
H A Dunlocked-io.h116 # undef putchar macro
117 # define putchar(x) putchar_unlocked (x) macro
119 # define putchar_unlocked(x) putchar (x)
H A Dtput.c55 #undef putchar macro
56 #define outc putchar
H A Dacclib.h357 #define putchar(c) fputc(stdout, c) macro
H A Dboot1.c207 putchar('\n');
312 putchar(int c) function
H A Dboot2.c140 void putchar(int);
184 putchar('\n');
190 putchar(c);
271 putchar('\n');
274 putchar('\a');
619 putchar(int c) function
H A Dboot2.c118 static void putchar(int);
186 putchar(c);
265 putchar('\n');
268 putchar('\a');
551 putchar(va_arg(ap, int));
555 putchar(*s);
564 putchar(*s);
568 putchar(c);
575 putchar(int c) function
H A Dboot1.c69 static int putchar(char c, void *arg);
584 putchar(char c, void *arg) function
602 ret = __printf(fmt, putchar, 0, ap);
H A Dxen_console.c145 putchar(int c, void *arg) function
186 kvprintf(fmt, putchar, &pca, 10, ap);
H A Dstdio.h278 int putchar(int);
509 #define putchar(x) putc(x, stdout) macro
H A Dsubr_prf.c121 static void putchar(int ch, void *arg);
203 retval = kvprintf(fmt, putchar, &pca, 10, ap);
255 kvprintf(fmt, putchar, &pca, 10, ap);
287 retval = kvprintf(fmt, putchar, &pca, 10, ap);
482 putchar(int c, void *arg) function

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