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H A Dpromif_prop.c182 int paylen = namelen + 1 + valuelen; /* valuelen includes the null */ in promif_ldom_setprop() local
H A Dfru_data_impl.h67 size_t paylen; /* payload length */ member
H A Dfru_data.c1113 int paylen; in add_row_to_table() local
1269 int paylen; in frudata_add_packet() local
H A Dfru_access_impl.h157 uint32_t paylen; member
H A Dfru_access.c1898 int paylen; in get_dev_or_buffered_packets() local
H A Dfru_access_impl.h151 uint32_t paylen; member
H A Draw_access.c795 int paylen; in get_packets() local
H A Defx_vpd.c658 uint8_t paylen; in efx_vpd_hunk_next() local
H A De1000_82575.h78 u32 paylen:18; /* Payload length */ member
H A Drtw.c2038 int firstlen, hdrlen, lastlen, lastlen0, npkt, overlen, paylen; in rtw_compute_duration() local
H A Dpci_e82545.c1091 int mss, paylen, seg, tiovcnt, left, now, nleft, nnow, pv, pvoff; in e82545_transmit() local