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H A Dstub_stand.c122 mutex_unlock(mutex_t *mp) function
H A Dexternal.c555 #pragma weak lmutex_unlock = mutex_unlock
558 mutex_unlock(mutex_t *mp) function
H A Dsaslplug.h85 sasl_mutex_unlock_t *mutex_unlock; member in struct:sasl_utils
H A Dsynch.c1832 * as a consequence of mutex_unlock(). We may have
2456 lock_error(mp, "mutex_unlock", NULL, NULL);
2502 #pragma weak pthread_mutex_unlock = mutex_unlock
2503 #pragma weak _mutex_unlock = mutex_unlock
2505 mutex_unlock(mutex_t *mp) function
2611 ret = mutex_unlock(mp);
2623 * We replicate a bit of code from mutex_lock() and mutex_unlock()
2720 (void) mutex_unlock(mp);
2806 (void) mutex_unlock(mp);
H A Dkrb5.h102 #define mutex_unlock(lck) mutex_exit(lck) macro
H A DMakefile1046 mutex_unlock.3c \
2062 mutex_unlock.3c := LINKSRC = mutex_init.3c

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