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H A Dstub_stand.c108 mutex_lock(mutex_t *mp) function
H A Dexternal.c547 #pragma weak lmutex_lock = mutex_lock
550 mutex_lock(mutex_t *mp) function
H A Dtdb_agent.h81 uint_t mutex_lock; member in struct:__anon3030
H A Dsaslplug.h84 sasl_mutex_lock_t *mutex_lock; member in struct:sasl_utils
H A Dsynch.c49 * It is used to block a thread that has returned from a mutex_lock()
64 tdb_incr(msp->mutex_lock);
2070 lock_error(mp, "mutex_lock", NULL, NULL);
2237 lock_error(mp, "mutex_lock", NULL, "mutex is misaligned");
2310 #pragma weak pthread_mutex_lock = mutex_lock
2311 #pragma weak _mutex_lock = mutex_lock
2313 mutex_lock(mutex_t *mp) function
2332 ret = mutex_lock(mp);
2623 * We replicate a bit of code from mutex_lock() and mutex_unlock()
2712 (void) mutex_lock(m
H A Dthread_db.h309 uint_t mutex_lock; member in struct:__anon52
H A Dkrb5.h101 #define mutex_lock(lck) mutex_enter(lck) macro
H A DMakefile1049 mutex_lock.3c \
2073 mutex_lock.3c := LINKSRC = mutex_init.3c

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