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H A Dmagic.c124 svn_magic__detect_binary_mimetype(const char **mimetype,
180 *mimetype = magic_mimetype;
123 svn_magic__detect_binary_mimetype(const char **mimetype, const char *local_abspath, svn_magic__cookie_t *magic_cookie, apr_pool_t *result_pool, apr_pool_t *scratch_pool) argument
H A Dio.c3808 svn_io_detect_mimetype2(const char **mimetype,
3822 *mimetype = NULL;
3836 *mimetype = type_from_map;
3860 *mimetype = generic_binary;
3919 svn_io_detect_mimetype(const char **mimetype,
3923 return svn_io_detect_mimetype2(mimetype, file, NULL, pool);
3799 svn_io_detect_mimetype2(const char **mimetype, const char *file, apr_hash_t *mimetype_map, apr_pool_t *pool) argument
3910 svn_io_detect_mimetype(const char **mimetype, const char *file, apr_pool_t *pool) argument
H A Dhttpd.c128 const char *mimetype; member in struct:isc_httpd
615 const char **mimetype, isc_buffer_t *b,
626 *mimetype = "text/plain";
639 const char **mimetype, isc_buffer_t *b,
650 *mimetype = "text/plain";
717 &httpd->mimetype,
725 &httpd->mimetype, &httpd->bodybuffer,
731 &httpd->mimetype,
739 isc_httpd_addheader(httpd, "Content-Type", httpd->mimetype);
612 render_404(const char *url, const char *querystring, void *arg, unsigned int *retcode, const char **retmsg, const char **mimetype, isc_buffer_t *b, isc_httpdfree_t **freecb, void **freecb_args) argument
636 render_500(const char *url, const char *querystring, void *arg, unsigned int *retcode, const char **retmsg, const char **mimetype, isc_buffer_t *b, isc_httpdfree_t **freecb, void **freecb_args) argument
H A Dimport.c231 const char *mimetype = NULL;
249 SVN_ERR(svn_client__get_paths_auto_props(&properties, &mimetype,
275 notify->mime_type = mimetype;
230 const char *mimetype = NULL; local
H A Dadd.c156 const char **mimetype,
184 *mimetype = propval;
192 const char **mimetype,
204 *mimetype = NULL;
215 get_auto_props_for_pattern(*properties, mimetype, &have_executable,
221 /* if mimetype has not been set check the file */
222 if (! *mimetype)
224 SVN_ERR(svn_io_detect_mimetype2(mimetype, path, ctx->mimetypes_map,
230 (!*mimetype ||
231 strcmp(*mimetype, "applicatio
153 get_auto_props_for_pattern(apr_hash_t *properties, const char **mimetype, svn_boolean_t *have_executable, const char *filename, const char *pattern, apr_hash_t *propvals, apr_pool_t *scratch_pool) argument
189 svn_client__get_paths_auto_props(apr_hash_t **properties, const char **mimetype, const char *path, svn_magic__cookie_t *magic_cookie, apr_hash_t *autoprops, svn_client_ctx_t *ctx, apr_pool_t *result_pool, apr_pool_t *scratch_pool) argument
278 const char *mimetype; local
H A Dsvnlook.c717 svn_string_t *mimetype;
728 mimetype, get outta here. */
731 SVN_ERR(svn_fs_node_prop(&mimetype, root1, path1,
733 if (mimetype && svn_mime_type_is_binary(mimetype->data))
741 SVN_ERR(svn_fs_node_prop(&mimetype, root2, path2,
743 if (mimetype && svn_mime_type_is_binary(mimetype->data))
712 svn_string_t *mimetype; local
H A Dfile.h339 char mimetype[MAXMIME]; /* MIME type */ member in struct:magic

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