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H A Dmetaslab_impl.h33 #include <sys/metaslab.h>
59 * Used by the metaslab allocation tracing facility to indicate
84 * The metaslab weight is used to encode the amount of free space in a
85 * metaslab, such that the "best" metaslab appears first when sorting the
86 * metaslabs by weight. The weight (and therefore the "best" metaslab) can
88 * the free space in the metaslab (a space based weight) or by counting only
139 * A metaslab class encompasses a category of allocatable top-level vdevs.
140 * Each top-level vdev is associated with a metaslab group which defines
145 * metaslab_class_t, and only top-level vdevs (i.e. metaslab group
342 struct metaslab { struct

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