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H A De1000_82543.c407 * @max_frame_size: The maximum frame size
413 u8 *mac_addr, u32 max_frame_size)
449 if ((frame_len == max_frame_size) && (stats->roc > 0))
411 e1000_tbi_adjust_stats_82543(struct e1000_hw *hw, struct e1000_hw_stats *stats, u32 frame_len, u8 *mac_addr, u32 max_frame_size) argument
H A De1000_hw.h846 u32 max_frame_size; member in struct:e1000_mac_info
H A Dixgbe_dcb.c51 * @max_frame_size: maximum frame size
54 int max_frame_size)
60 min_credit = ((max_frame_size / 2) + IXGBE_DCB_CREDIT_QUANTUM - 1) /
88 * @max_frame_size: Maximum frame size
97 u32 max_frame_size, u8 direction)
116 min_credit = ((max_frame_size / 2) + IXGBE_DCB_CREDIT_QUANTUM - 1) /
53 ixgbe_dcb_calculate_tc_credits(u8 *bw, u16 *refill, u16 *max, int max_frame_size) argument
95 ixgbe_dcb_calculate_tc_credits_cee(struct ixgbe_hw *hw, struct ixgbe_dcb_config *dcb_config, u32 max_frame_size, u8 direction) argument
H A Dvnet_dds.c79 uint32_t max_frame_size; member in struct:vdds_cb_arg
94 uint64_t macaddr, uint32_t max_frame_size);
418 uint32_t max_frame_size; local
433 max_frame_size = vnetp->mtu +
436 dmsg->msg.share_msg.macaddr, max_frame_size);
575 vdds_create_niu_node(uint64_t cookie, uint64_t macaddr, uint32_t max_frame_size) argument
597 cba.max_frame_size = max_frame_size;
614 cba.max_frame_size = max_frame_size;
H A Dvsw.h141 uint32_t max_frame_size; /* max frame size supported */ member in struct:vsw
H A Dvnet_gen.h434 uint32_t max_frame_size; /* max frame size supported */ member in struct:vgen
H A Dmac_drv_info.h142 u32 max_frame_size; /* Max Frame Size. bytes */ member in struct:iscsi_stats_info
H A Doce_hw_eth.h446 uint16_t max_frame_size; member in struct:mbx_create_nic_rq::__anon7732::__anon7733
449 uint16_t max_frame_size; member in struct:mbx_create_nic_rq::__anon7732::__anon7733
H A Dfctl.h259 uint32_t max_frame_size; member in struct:fca_port_attrs
H A Dfct.h180 uint32_t max_frame_size; member in struct:fct_port_attrs
H A Dqlge.h705 uint32_t max_frame_size; member in struct:qlge
H A Dqlge_hw.h1680 uint32_t max_frame_size; member in struct:port_cfg_info
H A Digb_sw.h580 uint32_t max_frame_size; member in struct:igb
H A Dnxge_main.c745 uint32_t max_frame_size; local
779 max_frame_size = ddi_prop_get_int(DDI_DEV_T_ANY,
782 if ((max_frame_size > NXGE_MTU_DEFAULT_MAX) &&
783 (max_frame_size <= TX_JUMBO_MTU)) {
785 nxgep->mac.maxframesize = (uint16_t)max_frame_size;
H A Di40e_common.c1750 * @max_frame_size: Maximum Frame Size to be supported by the port
1759 u16 max_frame_size,
1768 if (max_frame_size == 0)
1774 cmd->max_frame_size = CPU_TO_LE16(max_frame_size);
1887 hw_link_info->max_frame_size = LE16_TO_CPU(resp->max_frame_size);
1758 i40e_aq_set_mac_config(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 max_frame_size, bool crc_en, u16 pacing, struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details) argument
H A Di40e_type.h265 u16 max_frame_size; member in struct:i40e_link_status
H A Di40e_adminq_cmd.h1821 __le16 max_frame_size; member in struct:i40e_aq_set_mac_config
1902 __le16 max_frame_size; member in struct:i40e_aqc_get_link_status
H A Demlxs_dfc.h379 uint32_t max_frame_size; member in struct:dfc_hbainfo
H A De1000g_sw.h906 uint32_t max_frame_size; member in struct:e1000g
H A Dixgbe_sw.h641 uint32_t max_frame_size; member in struct:ixgbe

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