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H A Dctime.c13 * This localtime is a modified version of offtime from libc, which does not
33 localtime(const time_t *clock) function
102 * The localtime(t) entry returns a pointer to an array
128 * where tvec is produced by localtime
135 * ctime(t) just calls localtime, then asctime.
141 * appropriately. It is called by localtime, and
217 return (asctime(localtime(t)));
H A Dtime.c146 localtime(const time_t *clock) function
210 return (asctime(localtime(t)));
H A Dlocaltime.c1016 ** The easy way to behave "as if no library function calls" localtime
1068 localtime(timep) function
1074 * base localtime calls this to initialize
1082 ** gmtsub is to gmtime as localsub is to localtime.
H A Dlocaltime.c41 * localtime.c
134 * been in the public domain versions of the localtime.c code for
588 * localtime_r() is the thread-safe variant of localtime().
659 * localtime() can now return NULL if overflow is detected.
666 localtime(const time_t *timep) function
H A DMakefile997 localtime.3c \
1635 localtime.3c := LINKSRC = ctime.3c

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