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H A Decl_mult.c114 ec_pts_mul_basic(const mp_int *k1, const mp_int *k2, const mp_int *px, in ec_pts_mul_basic()
169 ec_pts_mul_simul_w2(const mp_int *k1, const mp_int *k2, const mp_int *px, in ec_pts_mul_simul_w2()
319 ECPoints_mul(const ECGroup *group, const mp_int *k1, const mp_int *k2, in ECPoints_mul()
H A Decp_jac.c416 ec_GFp_pts_mul_jac(const mp_int *k1, const mp_int *k2, const mp_int *px, in ec_GFp_pts_mul_jac()
H A Dec.c87 ec_points_mul(const ECParams *params, const mp_int *k1, const mp_int *k2, in ec_points_mul()
H A Decc_impl.h152 int k2; /* two remaining coefficients of pentanomial */ member
H A Dprsort.c166 long k1, k2; in list_insert() local
190 ulong_t k1, k2; in list_preinsert() local
H A Dk5_arcfour.c82 krb5_keyblock k1, k2, k3; local
279 krb5_keyblock k1,k2,k3, *kptr; local
H A Delm.c236 struct key *k, *k2; local
507 struct key *k, *k2; in el_delete() local
H A Dencrypt.h74 #define SAMEKEY(k1, k2) (!memcmp((void *)k1, (void *)k2, sizeof (Block)) argument
H A Dtester.c41 equalkeys(void *k1, void *k2) in equalkeys()
H A Dbt_utils.c162 DBT k2; local
H A Dsmatch_function_hashtable.h36 static inline int equalkeys(void *k1, void *k2) in equalkeys()
H A D__vexpf.c244 int k0, k1, k2, k3, k4; in __vexpf() local
H A D__vatan2f.c59 int i, k0 = 0, k1, k2, hx, sx, sy; in __vatan2f() local
H A D__vexp.c413 int k0, k1, k2, k3, k4, k5; in __vexp() local
H A Dinj_string.c218 inj_hashcmp_string(void *k1, void *k2) in inj_hashcmp_string()
H A Dcollate.c340 int32_t k2 = ((const weight_t *)n2)->pri; in weight_compare() local
393 wchar_t k2 = ((const collchar_t *)n2)->wc; in collchar_compare() local
402 int32_t k2 = ((const subst_t *)n2)->key; in subst_compare() local
H A Dmpstat.c305 agg_stat(kstat_t *k1, kstat_t *k2, char *name) in agg_stat()
H A Dkstat_fr.c336 const kstat_t *k2 = a2; in kstat_compare_bykid() local
349 const kstat_t *k2 = a2; in kstat_compare_byname() local
H A Dmodhash.c283 uintptr_t k2 = (uintptr_t)key2; in mod_hash_ptrkey_cmp() local
H A Dipmi_sdr.c666 int m, b, k1, k2; in ipmi_sdr_conv_reading() local
H A Dcryptmod.c1755 crypto_key_t k1, k2; in arcfour_hmac_md5_decrypt() local
1988 crypto_key_t k1, k2; in arcfour_hmac_md5_encrypt() local
H A Dcdt.h313 #define _DTCMP(dt,k1,k2,dc) \ argument
H A Dddt.c788 const ddt_key_cmp_t *k2 = (const ddt_key_cmp_t *)&dde2->dde_key; in ddt_entry_compare() local
H A Dsetkey.c342 cmpkeybuf3(keybuf3 *k1, keybuf3 *k2) in cmpkeybuf3()
H A Dk5-int.h1497 #define KEY_CHANGED(k1, k2) \ argument