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H A Ddevinfo_devlink.c129 struct di_devlink_handle *hdp; in di_devlink_open() local
199 struct di_devlink_handle *hdp, in get_db_path()
671 struct di_devlink_handle *hdp; in di_devlink_close() local
797 struct di_devlink_handle *hdp, in write_nodes()
859 struct di_devlink_handle *hdp, in write_minors()
914 struct di_devlink_handle *hdp, in write_links()
1377 struct di_devlink_handle *hdp, in lookup_minor()
1495 struct di_devlink_handle *hdp, in get_last_minor()
1814 di_devlink_handle_t hdp, in di_devlink_add_link()
1824 struct di_devlink_handle *hdp, in add_link()
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H A Dsbd_cpu.c242 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_cpu_flags() local
350 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_pre_release_cpu() local
468 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_pre_attach_cpu() local
540 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_post_attach_cpu() local
654 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_pre_detach_cpu() local
758 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_post_detach_cpu() local
964 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_connect_cpu() local
1034 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_disconnect_cpu() local
H A Dsbd.c855 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_dev_configure() local
932 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_dev_release() local
1001 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_dev_unconfigure() local
1111 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_attach_cpu() local
1190 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_detach_cpu() local
2028 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_probe_board() local
2065 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_deprobe_board() local
2124 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in get_node_type() local
2297 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_init_mem_devlists() local
2511 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_init_cpu_unit() local
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H A Dsbd_mem.c82 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_get_memlist() local
141 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_pre_attach_mem() local
266 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_post_attach_mem() local
372 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_pre_detach_mem() local
415 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_post_detach_mem() local
478 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_add_memory_spans() local
539 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_post_detach_mem_unit() local
1426 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_init_mem_unit_data() local
1616 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_select_mem_target() local
2052 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_move_memory() local
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H A Dsbd_io.c187 sbdp_handle_t *hdp; in sbd_io_status() local
H A Dhsfs_rrip.c123 struct hs_direntry *hdp = sig_args_p->hdp; in rrip_file_attr() local
342 struct hs_direntry *hdp = sig_args_p->hdp; in rrip_sym_link() local
447 struct hs_direntry *hdp) /* directory entry pointer to put */ in rrip_namecopy()
H A Dhsfs_susp_subr.c88 struct hs_direntry *hdp, /* loc to store dir info */ in parse_sua()
361 hs_check_root_dirent(struct vnode *vp, struct hs_direntry *hdp) in hs_check_root_dirent()
H A Dhsfs_node.c926 struct hs_direntry *hdp, in hs_parsedir()
1396 hs_filldirent(struct vnode *vp, struct hs_direntry *hdp) in hs_filldirent()
H A Dhsfsops.c739 struct hs_direntry *hdp = &hsdep->hs_dir; in parse_dir() local
1002 struct hs_direct *hdp; in boot_hsfs_getdents() local
1058 hs_dodates(enum hs_vol_type type, struct hs_direntry *hdp, char *bufp) in hs_dodates()
H A Dpc_node.c73 struct pchead *hdp, *hfp; in pc_init() local
H A Ditmcomp.c843 char *hdp; in data_to_hexadecimal() local
H A Dxhci_hub.c754 usb_ss_hub_descr_t *hdp = &xhcip->xhci_usba.xa_hub_descr; in xhci_root_hub_fill_hub_desc() local
H A Dhsfs_susp.h231 struct hs_direntry *hdp; /* directory entry */ member
H A Dhsfs.c644 struct hs_direntry *hdp = &hsdep->hs_dir; /* hsfs-style dir info */ in parse_dir() local
H A Dcache.c602 static head_t *hdp[] = { &ic_head, &dc_head, &bc_head, 0}; in print_cache_data() local
H A Dacctcms.c746 char hdp[] = variable
H A Dlibrcm.c53 rcm_alloc_handle(char *modname, uint_t flag, void *arg, rcm_handle_t **hdp) in rcm_alloc_handle()