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H A Dgethrtime.s26 .file "gethrtime.s"
31 * hrtime_t gethrtime(void)
36 ENTRY(gethrtime) function
47 SET_SIZE(gethrtime)
H A Dthr_inlines.h106 gethrtime(void) /* note: caller-saved registers are trashed */ function
H A Dkmdb_stubs.c74 gethrtime(void) function
H A Dlinktest_stand.c41 void gethrtime(void) {} function
H A Dcommon_asm.s314 * only be called after a CPR event to assure that gethrtime() continues to
428 gethrtime(void)
484 ENTRY_NP(gethrtime) function
489 SET_SIZE(gethrtime)
H A Dcommon_asm.s273 gethrtime(void)
329 ENTRY_NP(gethrtime) function
334 SET_SIZE(gethrtime)
H A Dcpu_module.c165 gethrtime(void) function
H A Darchdep.c1461 gethrtime(void) function

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