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H A Dgetchar.c36 static char sccsid[] = "@(#)getchar.c 8.1 (Berkeley) 6/4/93";
42 * A subroutine version of the macro getchar.
50 #undef getchar macro
54 getchar(void) function
H A Dcons.c100 getchar(void) function
H A Dconsole.c103 getchar(void) function
H A Dunlocked-io.h104 # undef getchar macro
105 # define getchar() getchar_unlocked () macro
107 # define getchar_unlocked() getchar ()
H A Dacclib.h358 #define getchar(c) fgetc(stdin) macro
H A Dstd_cstdio.h62 #undef getchar macro
H A Dstd_cstdio.h76 #undef getchar macro
122 using ::getchar;
H A Dboot1.c326 int getchar(void) function
H A Dsystem.h74 # undef getchar macro
75 # define getchar() getchar_unlocked () macro
H A Dboot2.c656 getchar(void) function
H A Dsystem.h82 # undef getchar macro
83 # define getchar() getchar_unlocked () macro
H A Dstdio.h271 int getchar(void);
508 #define getchar() getc(stdin) macro

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