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H A Dgeom.h51 struct g_class;
64 typedef void g_ctl_req_t (struct gctl_req *, struct g_class *cp, char const *verb);
65 typedef int g_ctl_create_geom_t (struct gctl_req *, struct g_class *cp, struct g_provider *pp);
66 typedef int g_ctl_destroy_geom_t (struct gctl_req *, struct g_class *cp, struct g_geom *gp);
68 typedef void g_init_t (struct g_class *mp);
69 typedef void g_fini_t (struct g_class *mp);
70 typedef struct g_geom * g_taste_t (struct g_class *, struct g_provider *, int flags);
88 * The g_class structure describes a transformation class. In other words
89 * all BSD disklabel handlers share one g_class, all MBR handlers share
90 * one common g_class an
94 struct g_class { struct

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