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H A Dstand.h179 struct fs_ops *f_ops; /* pointer to file system operations */ member in struct:open_file
H A Dfile.h181 struct fileops *f_ops; /* File operations */ member in struct:file
319 return ((*fp->f_ops->fo_read)(fp, uio, active_cred, flags, td));
327 return ((*fp->f_ops->fo_write)(fp, uio, active_cred, flags, td));
335 return ((*fp->f_ops->fo_truncate)(fp, length, active_cred, td));
343 return ((*fp->f_ops->fo_ioctl)(fp, com, data, active_cred, td));
351 return ((*fp->f_ops->fo_poll)(fp, events, active_cred, td));
359 return ((*fp->f_ops->fo_stat)(fp, sb, active_cred, td));
366 return ((*fp->f_ops->fo_close)(fp, td));
373 return ((*fp->f_ops->fo_kqfilter)(fp, kn));
381 return ((*fp->f_ops

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