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H A Dfm.c150 ereport(uintptr_t addr, uint_t flags, int argc, const mdb_arg_t *argv) function
177 * The following code attempts to pretty print the ereport class
H A Dhxge_fm.c198 * Initialize pci ereport capabilities if ereport capable
319 hxge_fm_ereport_attr_t *ereport)
327 ereport->eclass);
329 err_str = ereport->str;
333 switch (ereport->index) {
383 if (ereport->index == HXGE_FM_EREPORT_RDMC_RBR_PRE_PAR)
318 hxge_fm_ereport(p_hxge_t hxgep, uint8_t err_chan, hxge_fm_ereport_attr_t *ereport) argument
H A Dnxge_fm.c378 * Initialize pci ereport capabilities if ereport capable
516 nxge_fm_ereport_attr_t *ereport)
524 ereport->eclass);
525 err_str = ereport->str;
529 switch (ereport->index) {
686 if (ereport->index == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_RDMC_RBR_PRE_PAR)
515 nxge_fm_ereport(p_nxge_t nxgep, uint8_t err_portn, uint8_t err_chan, nxge_fm_ereport_attr_t *ereport) argument
H A Dpci_ecc.c578 * ecc_err_cexdiag below and post the ereport.
666 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector; local
687 ereport = errorq_elem_nvl(fmhdl->fh_errorq, eqep);
691 ASSERT(ereport);
723 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSION, buf,
734 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSION, buf,
H A Dpcisch.c2805 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector; local
2827 ereport = errorq_elem_nvl(fmhdl->fh_errorq, eqep);
2831 ASSERT(ereport);
2848 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSION, buf, ena, detector,
2856 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSION, buf, ena, detector,
H A Dmcamd_subr.c645 mc_ereport_add_payload(nvlist_t *ereport, uint64_t members, mc_unum_t *unump, argument
650 mc_ereport_add_resource(ereport, unump, mc);
674 * Simple ereport generator for errors detected by the memory controller.
675 * Posts an ereport of class ereport.cpu.amd.<class_sfx> with a resource nvlist
680 * There is no control of which members to include the the resulting ereport -
681 * it will be an ereport formed using the given class suffix, detector
693 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector; local
696 ereport = fm_nvlist_create(NULL);
701 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSIO
H A Dgintel_main.c28 * to modify the ereport subclass to produce different ereport classes
465 gintel_ereport_add_logout(cmi_hdl_t hdl, nvlist_t *ereport, argument
496 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_PAYLOAD_ECC_SYND,
500 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_FMRI_MEM_PHYSADDR,
505 fm_payload_set(ereport,
509 fm_payload_set(ereport,
513 fm_payload_set(ereport,
528 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_PAYLOAD_NAME_RESOURCE,
543 fm_payload_set(ereport,
H A Derror.c959 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector; local
989 cmn_err(CE_WARN, "Invalid SP state 0x%x. No ereport posted.\n",
994 ereport = fm_nvlist_create(NULL);
1003 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSION, str,
1006 (void) fm_ereport_post(ereport, EVCH_TRYHARD);
1008 fm_nvlist_destroy(ereport, FM_NVA_FREE);
H A Dddifm.c71 * should have ereport events generated for them.
292 * post a device tree oriented dev_scheme ereport. The device tree is
296 * for the ereport is communicated by the 'dip' argument. A minor node,
329 * the property-value becomes part of the ereport detector. The value
346 nvlist_t *ereport = NULL; local
354 ASSERT(ap != NULL); /* must supply at least ereport version */
365 /* get ereport nvlist handle */
377 if ((ereport = fm_nvlist_create(NULL)) == NULL)
388 ereport = errorq_elem_nvl(fmhdl->fh_errorq, eqep);
392 ASSERT(ereport);
H A Dpcifm.c340 * pcix_ereport_setup: Allocate structures for PCI-X error handling and ereport
410 * If device is not ereport capbable then report an error against the
992 * Generate an ereport for this error bit.
1061 * On PCI Express systems, all error handling and ereport are done via
1170 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector; local
1180 ereport = errorq_elem_nvl(ereport_errorq, eqep);
1184 ereport = fm_nvlist_create(NULL);
1193 fm_ereport_set(ereport, version, ddi_error_class, ena, detector, NULL);
1197 (void) i_fm_payload_set(ereport, name, ap);
1203 (void) fm_ereport_post(ereport, EVCH_TRYHAR
H A Dfm.c99 * Common fault management kstats to record ereport generation
150 panic("failed to create required ereport error queue");
155 /* Initialize ereport allocation and generation kstats */
456 * iterates over the in-transit messages in the ereport sysevent channel.
508 * Post an error report (ereport) to the sysevent error channel. The error
513 fm_ereport_post(nvlist_t *ereport, int evc_flag) argument
518 (void) nvlist_size(ereport, &nvl_size, NV_ENCODE_NATIVE);
531 SUNW_VENDOR, FM_PUB, ereport, evc_flag) != 0) {
798 * Set-up and validate the members of an ereport event according to:
802 * class string ereport
818 fm_ereport_set(nvlist_t *ereport, int version, const char *erpt_class, uint64_t ena, const nvlist_t *detector, ...) argument
H A Dzfs_fm.c83 * We still generate an ereport, but the DE doesn't correlate it with any
85 * will issue a retry, which will trigger the 'real' ereport with the correct
92 * this pointer is set to NULL, and no ereport will be generated (since it
97 * error which occurs. Accordingly, we build an ereport when the error is
102 * ereport with information about the differences.
114 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector; local
122 if ((ereport = fm_nvlist_create(NULL)) == NULL)
126 fm_nvlist_destroy(ereport, FM_NVA_FREE);
131 * Serialize ereport generation
162 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSIO
436 annotate_ecksum(nvlist_t *ereport, zio_bad_cksum_t *info, const abd_t *goodabd, const abd_t *badabd, size_t size, boolean_t drop_if_identical) argument
698 nvlist_t *ereport = NULL; local
813 nvlist_t *ereport = NULL; local
H A Dspa.c160 static int spa_load_impl(spa_t *spa, spa_import_type_t type, char **ereport);
2373 char *ereport = FM_EREPORT_ZFS_POOL; local
2380 error = spa_load_impl(spa, type, &ereport);
2394 (void) zfs_ereport_post(ereport, spa,
3760 spa_ld_verify_logs(spa_t *spa, spa_import_type_t type, char **ereport) argument
3771 *ereport = FM_EREPORT_ZFS_LOG_REPLAY;
4127 spa_load_impl(spa_t *spa, spa_import_type_t type, char **ereport) argument
4244 error = spa_ld_verify_logs(spa, type, ereport);
H A Dliterals.h68 L_DECL(ereport); variable
H A Dao_mca.c414 * in ereport payload population to determine ECC syndrome type for
702 ao_ms_ereport_add_logout(cmi_hdl_t hdl, nvlist_t *ereport, argument
720 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_PAYLOAD_NAME_SYND,
725 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_PAYLOAD_NAME_SYND_TYPE,
738 ao_ereport_add_resource(hdl, ereport, nva, &unum);
H A Dauthamd_main.c990 nvlist_t *ereport, nv_alloc_t *nva, void *mslogout)
1043 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_GENAMD_PAYLOAD_NAME_RESOURCE,
1060 authamd_ereport_add_logout(cmi_hdl_t hdl, nvlist_t *ereport, nv_alloc_t *nva, argument
1074 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_GENAMD_PAYLOAD_NAME_SYND,
1079 fm_payload_set(ereport,
1087 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_GENAMD_PAYLOAD_NAME_CKSYND,
1092 fm_payload_set(ereport,
1101 authamd_ereport_add_resource(hdl, authamd, ereport, nva,
989 authamd_ereport_add_resource(cmi_hdl_t hdl, authamd_data_t *authamd, nvlist_t *ereport, nv_alloc_t *nva, void *mslogout) argument
H A Dintel_nb5000.c248 /* unknown ereport if a recognizable error was not found */
423 * Invalidate the channel number so the mem ereport
2164 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector; local
2174 ereport = errorq_elem_nvl(ereport_errorq, eqep);
2178 * nvlists to add the main ereport). If we can't reserve
2190 ereport = fm_nvlist_create(NULL);
2195 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSION, buf,
2210 nb_ereport_add_logout(ereport, acl, &nb_scatchpad);
2217 (void) fm_ereport_post(ereport, EVCH_TRYHARD);
2218 fm_nvlist_destroy(ereport, FM_NVA_FRE
H A Dpcie_fault.c1036 * If device is only ereport capable and not callback capable
2661 pf_ereport_setup(dev_info_t *dip, uint64_t ena, nvlist_t **ereport, argument
2674 *ereport = errorq_elem_nvl(fmhdl->fh_errorq, *eqep);
2677 ASSERT(*ereport);
2697 fm_ereport_set(*ereport, 0, PCIE_EREPORT, ena, *detector, NULL);
2704 pf_ereport_post(dev_info_t *dip, nvlist_t **ereport, nvlist_t **detector, argument
2715 nvlist_t *ereport; local
2736 &ereport, &detector, &eqep) != DDI_SUCCESS)
2740 fm_payload_set(ereport,
2752 fm_payload_set(ereport,
2992 pf_ereport_post(PCIE_BUS2DIP(bus_p), &ereport, &detector, local
H A Dgcpu_mca.c71 * error logout time. The stack will be included in the ereport if the
280 * mnemonics and to ereport class name components.
285 const char *mne_ereport; /* used in expanding ereport class */
391 * The ereport class leaf component is either a simple string with no
551 * errorq for subsequent ereport preparation and logging etc. The caller
636 gcpu_ereport_add_logout(nvlist_t *ereport, const gcpu_logout_t *gcl, argument
656 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_PAYLOAD_NAME_COMPOUND_ERR,
704 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_PAYLOAD_NAME_DISP,
710 * this ereport was the result of a machine check or poll.
713 fm_payload_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_PAYLOAD_NAME_MCG_STATU
835 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector; local
H A Dopl_olympus.c1026 * now with FMA it is used to prepare 'flt' to be converted into an ereport.
1028 * caller whether the ereport should be posted (1) or suppressed (0).
1369 * the FM ereport payload.
1509 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector, *resource; local
1517 ereport = errorq_elem_nvl(ereport_errorq, eqep);
1520 ereport = fm_nvlist_create(nva);
1546 * Encode all the common data into the ereport.
1551 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSION, buf,
1556 * the async_flt structure into the ereport.
1558 cpu_payload_add_aflt(aflt, ereport, resourc
H A Dus3_common.c2281 * to indicate which portions of the captured data should be in the ereport.
2326 * to indicate which portions of the captured data should be in the ereport.
2375 * now with FMA it is used to prepare 'flt' to be converted into an ereport.
2377 * caller whether the ereport should be posted (1) or suppressed (0).
2392 * an ereport.
2600 * converted into an ereport. In addition, it transmits the error to any
3180 * cpu has been DR'd out then ereport detector info will not be able to
4320 * Add L1 Data cache data to the ereport payload.
4367 * Add L1 Instruction cache data to the ereport payload.
4503 * Returns ereport resourc
6669 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector, *resource; local
H A Dmc-opl.c935 nvlist_t *ereport, *detector, *resource; local
950 ereport = errorq_elem_nvl(ereport_errorq, eqep);
953 ereport = fm_nvlist_create(nva);
972 * Encode all the common data into the ereport.
978 MC_LOG("mc_ereport_post: ereport %s\n", buf);
981 fm_ereport_set(ereport, FM_EREPORT_VERSION, buf,
987 fm_payload_set(ereport, MC_OPL_BOARD, DATA_TYPE_UINT32,
990 fm_payload_set(ereport, MC_OPL_PA, DATA_TYPE_UINT64,
995 fm_payload_set(ereport, MC_OPL_FLT_TYPE, DATA_TYPE_UINT8,
1002 fm_payload_set(ereport, MC_OPL_BAN

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