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H A Dgai_strerror.c50 gai_strerror(int ecode) { in gai_strerror()
H A Din.tftpd.c127 int ecode; /* error code to return */ member
728 delay_exit(int ecode) in delay_exit()
775 int readmode, ecode; in tftp() local
H A Dchown.c172 int ecode; in chownr() local
H A Dkaif_handlers.s251 .ecode: .xword 0 /* sun4v: g1 contains err code */ label
H A Dsupport.c155 ld_sup_atexit(Ofl_desc *ofl, int ecode) in ld_sup_atexit()
H A Dgetaddrinfo.c842 gai_strerror(int ecode) in gai_strerror()
H A Darn_hw.c544 int ecode = 0; in ath9k_hw_rfattach() local
674 int ecode; in ath9k_hw_post_attach() local
707 int ecode; in ath9k_hw_do_attach() local
2405 int ecode; in ath9k_hw_reset() local
H A Dcpcgen.c1041 char *ecode, *umask, *name, *counter, *lname, *cmask; in cpcgen_cfile_intel_event() local
1369 char *ecode, *umask; in cpcgen_skip_intel_entry() local
H A Dsbdp.c789 sbdp_set_err(sbd_error_t *ep, int ecode, char *rsc) in sbdp_set_err()
H A Dchmod.c338 int ecode; in chmodr() local
H A Dsbd.c5166 sbd_inject_err(int error, sbderror_t *ep, int Errno, int ecode, in sbd_inject_err()