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H A Ddbuf.h199 * link for hash table of all dmu_buf_impl_t's
281 } dmu_buf_impl_t; typedef in typeref:struct:dmu_buf_impl
288 dmu_buf_impl_t **hash_table;
294 dmu_buf_impl_t *dbuf_create_tlib(struct dnode *dn, char *data);
297 void dbuf_spill_hold(struct dnode *dn, dmu_buf_impl_t **dbp, void *tag);
301 dmu_buf_impl_t *dbuf_hold(struct dnode *dn, uint64_t blkid, void *tag);
302 dmu_buf_impl_t *dbuf_hold_level(struct dnode *dn, int level, uint64_t blkid,
306 void *tag, dmu_buf_impl_t **dbp);
311 void dbuf_add_ref(dmu_buf_impl_t *db, void *tag);
314 uint64_t dbuf_refcount(dmu_buf_impl_t *d

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