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H A Dsunddi.c1449 * ddi_prop_op: The basic property operator for drivers.
1451 * In ddi_prop_op, the type of valuep is interpreted based on prop_op:
1464 ddi_prop_op(dev_t dev, dev_info_t *dip, ddi_prop_op_t prop_op, int mod_flags, function
1503 * values passed in by the driver. Fallback to ddi_prop_op if the nblocks64
1506 * unknown use ddi_prop_op.
1525 return (ddi_prop_op(dev, dip, prop_op, mod_flags,
1548 * driver. Fallback to ddi_prop_op if the size64 is too large. This interface
1550 * to represent unknown, if size is unknown use ddi_prop_op.
1603 /* fallback to ddi_prop_op */
1604 return (ddi_prop_op(de

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