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H A Dnscd_getentctx.c359 nss_db_root_t db_root; local
375 if (_nscd_get_nsw_state(&db_root, params) != NSCD_SUCCESS) {
379 gnctx->nsw_state = (nscd_nsw_state_t *)db_root.s;
H A Dnss_dbdefs.c1174 * Initialize db_root, initf, dbop and arg from a packed buffer
1179 nss_packed_arg_init(void *buffer, size_t length, nss_db_root_t *db_root, argument
1207 /* db_root is initialized by nscd's based on door info */
1249 * Initialize db_root, initf, dbop, contextp and arg from a packed buffer
1254 nss_packed_context_init(void *buffer, size_t length, nss_db_root_t *db_root, argument

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