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H A Dcyclic.c33 cyclic_reprogram(cyclic_id_t id, hrtime_t expiration) function
H A Dcyclic.c114 * cyclic_reprogram() <-- Reprogram a cyclic's expiration
561 * is using the cyclic. cyclic_reprogram() allows this to be done. This,
566 * When cyclic_reprogram() is called for an omni-cyclic, the operation is
584 * 1. cyclic_reprogram() calls cyclic_reprogram_xcall() on the CPU
602 * reader mode by cyclic_reprogram() and writer mode by cyclic_juggle() and
1950 * If cyclic_reprogram() is called on the same CPU as the cyclic's CPU, then
2119 * handler (because it can potentially call cyclic_reprogram().
2558 * by the cyclic handler via cyclic_reprogram().
2588 * handler (because it can potentially call cyclic_reprogram().
3048 cyclic_reprogram(cyclic_id_ function

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