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H A Dlm_dcbx_mp.c98 u8_t cos = ETH_MP_MAX_COS_SUPPORTED; in lm_mp_cos_from_chain() local
130 const u8_t cos = lm_mp_cos_from_chain(pdev, chain); in lm_mp_get_chain_type() local
155 IN const u8_t cos) in lm_mp_get_eth_chain_cosx_start_offset()
191 const u8_t cos = lm_mp_cos_from_chain(pdev, chain); in lm_mp_get_reg_chain_from_chain() local
219 INOUT const u8_t cos) in lm_mp_get_cos_chain_from_reg_chain()
H A Dlm_sb.c1523 const u8_t cos = lm_mp_cos_from_chain(pdev,chain); in lm_eth_tx_hc_cq_cons_cosx_from_chain() local
H A Dlm_dcbx.c182 u8_t cos = 0; in lm_dcbx_print_cos_params() local
226 u8_t cos = 0; in lm_dcbx_fw_struct() local
1998 u8_t cos = 0; in lm_dcbx_fill_pri_to_cos_mapping() local
H A Dlm_sp.c190 const u8_t cos = lm_mp_cos_from_chain(pdev, cid); in lm_eth_init_client_init_general_data() local
H A Dbnxe_fw_funcs.c29 #define ECORE_VOQ_Q_REG_ADDR(cos, pf_q_num)\ argument
285 u32_t vnic, cos; in ecore_init_fw_wrr() local
H A D5710_hsi.h3109 u8_t cos /* The connection cos, if applicable */; member
5860 u8_t cos /* Cos */; member
5866 u8_t cos /* Cos */; member
8028 …u8_t cos /* cos of the connection (relevant only in cos transmitting connections, when cosTx is se… member
8243 u8_t cos /* Cos */; member
H A Dl4debug.h79 #define L4_DEBUG_SET_COS(_data, cos) \ argument
H A Dcos.c111 cos(double x) { in cos() function
H A Dmath_iso.h164 inline float cos(float __X) { return __cosf(__X); } in cos() function
197 inline long double cos(long double __X) { return __cosl(__X); } in cos() function
H A Ddlcosmkddi.c205 uint8_t cos; in dlcosmk_modify_action() local
H A Dtgmath.h53 #define cos(x) __tgmath_cos(x) macro
H A Dlibmv1.c41 #pragma weak cos = __cos macro
H A Dclc.h653 struct elink_ets_cos_params cos[ELINK_DCBX_MAX_NUM_COS]; member
H A Decore_sp_verbs.h1012 u8 cos; member
1052 u8 cos; /* valid iff ECORE_Q_FLG_COS */ member
H A Decore_sp_verbs.c5158 u8 cos; in ecore_q_init() local
H A Dbnxe_clc.c1120 static u64 elink_e3b0_sp_get_pri_cli_reg(const u8 cos, const u8 cos_offset, in elink_e3b0_sp_get_pri_cli_reg()
1137 static u64 elink_e3b0_sp_get_pri_cli_reg_nig(const u8 cos, const u8 pri_set) in elink_e3b0_sp_get_pri_cli_reg_nig()
1153 static u64 elink_e3b0_sp_get_pri_cli_reg_pbf(const u8 cos, const u8 pri_set) in elink_e3b0_sp_get_pri_cli_reg_pbf()
H A Decore_hsi_fcoe.h55 u8 cos /* Transmission cos */; member
148 u8 cos /* Transmission cos */; member
H A Decore_hsi_fcoe.h55 u8 cos /* Transmission cos */; member
148 u8 cos /* Transmission cos */; member
H A Dfp.c3408 fp_is_class_supported(uint32_t cos, uchar_t tran_class) in fp_is_class_supported()
H A Dt4fw_interface.h9108 __u8 cos; member