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H A DDRM.java55 * @throws Exception If the connect fails.
57 public void connect(int version, String url) throws Exception; method in interface:DRM
H A DLogDRM.java62 * @throws Exception If the connect fails.
64 public void connect(int requested, String url) throws Exception method in class:LogDRM
H A Dacu.c39 connect(void) function
H A Dtiuser.h55 #define T_CONNECT 0x0002 /* connect confirmation received */
79 t_scalar_t connect; /* max data for connection primitives */ member in struct:t_info
H A Dsocket.h512 #pragma redefine_extname connect __xnet_connect
521 #define connect __xnet_connect macro
544 extern int connect(int, const struct sockaddr *, socklen_t);
H A Dweaks.c48 #pragma weak connect = _connect macro
H A Drequest.c152 LDAPServer *srvlist, /* servers to connect to (NULL for default) */
361 int connect, int bind )
415 if ( connect ) {
923 * chase on any referral (basically this means we were able to connect
969 /* XXXmcs: can't tell if secure is supported by connect callback */
360 nsldapi_new_connection( LDAP *ld, LDAPServer **srvlistp, int use_ldsb, int connect, int bind ) argument
H A Dsocket.c717 connect(int fd, const struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t addr_len) function
732 /* Don't allow connect for raw socket. */
766 /* Call TCP connect routine. */
H A Dxti.h108 #define T_CONNECT 0x0002 /* connect confirmation received */
269 t_scalar_t connect; /* max data for connection primitives */ member in struct:t_info
H A Dftp.c268 error_num = connect(s, (struct sockaddr *)&remctladdr,
280 (void) fprintf(stderr, "ftp: connect to address %s: ",
286 perror("ftp: connect");
1460 * server's connect may fail.
1577 if (connect(data, (struct sockaddr *)&data_addr,
1579 perror("connect");
1748 int connect; member in struct:comvars
1786 ip->connect = connected;
1787 connected = op->connect;
H A Dsocksyscalls.c333 * to connect the two sockets together.
390 * Bind both sockets and connect them with each other.
769 connect(int sock, struct sockaddr *name, socklen_t namelen, int version) function
775 dprint(1, ("connect(%d, %p, %d)\n",
H A Dwificonfig.c284 "connect",
1530 " connect profile [wait={n|forever}]\n"), gExecName);
1532 " connect essid [wait={n|forever}]\n"), gExecName);
1548 "\t\t\t\t created when the network to connect is\n"
1777 " failed to connect to any essid\n"),
1801 (void) fprintf(stderr, gettext("%s: failed to connect to "
2174 char *connect; local
2180 (void) fprintf(stderr, gettext("%s: connect: "
2241 connect = "profile";
2276 connect
H A Discsi.h1062 int (*connect)(void *, struct sockaddr *, int, int, int); member in struct:iscsi_network

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