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H A Dctype.c26 #include <sys/avl.h>
45 avl_node_t avl; member in struct:ctype_node
52 avl_node_t avl; member in struct:width_node
68 offsetof(ctype_node_t, avl));
H A Dcollate.c25 #include <sys/avl.h>
125 avl_node_t avl; member in struct:weight
144 avl_node_t avl; member in struct:collsym
154 avl_node_t avl; member in struct:collundef
177 avl_node_t avl; member in struct:collchar
189 avl_node_t avl; member in struct:__anon3
424 offsetof(collsym_t, avl));
427 offsetof(collundef_t, avl));
435 offsetof(collchar_t, avl));
439 offsetof(subst_t, avl));
H A Davl.c32 static AvlNode *lookup(const struct stree *avl, AvlNode *node, const struct sm_state *sm);
34 static bool insert_sm(struct stree *avl, AvlNode **p, const struct sm_state *sm);
35 static bool remove_sm(struct stree *avl, AvlNode **p, const struct sm_state *sm, AvlNode **ret);
42 static bool checkOrder(struct stree *avl);
61 struct stree *avl = malloc(sizeof(*avl)); local
64 assert(avl != NULL);
66 avl->root = NULL;
67 avl->base_stree = NULL;
68 avl
75 free_stree(struct stree **avl) argument
95 avl_lookup(const struct stree *avl, const struct sm_state *sm) argument
110 avl_lookup_node(const struct stree *avl, const struct sm_state *sm) argument
115 stree_count(const struct stree *avl) argument
134 avl_insert(struct stree **avl, const struct sm_state *sm) argument
152 avl_remove(struct stree **avl, const struct sm_state *sm) argument
199 lookup(const struct stree *avl, AvlNode *node, const struct sm_state *sm) argument
220 insert_sm(struct stree *avl, AvlNode **p, const struct sm_state *sm) argument
250 remove_sm(struct stree *avl, AvlNode **p, const struct sm_state *sm, AvlNode **ret) argument
396 avl_check_invariants(struct stree *avl) argument
426 checkOrder(struct stree *avl) argument
453 avl_iter_begin(AvlIter *iter, struct stree *avl, AvlDirection dir) argument
H A Dlibzfs_iter.c238 avl_tree_t *avl = data; local
243 node = avl_find(avl, &search, NULL);
252 avl_remove(avl, node);
258 avl_add(avl, node);
289 avl_tree_t avl; local
292 avl_create(&avl, zfs_snapshot_compare,
295 ret = zfs_iter_snapshots(zhp, B_FALSE, zfs_sort_snaps, &avl);
297 for (node = avl_first(&avl); node != NULL; node = AVL_NEXT(&avl, node))
300 while ((node = avl_destroy_nodes(&avl,
H A Dlibzfs_sendrecv.c509 fsavl_find(avl_tree_t *avl, uint64_t snapguid, char **snapname) argument
516 fn = avl_find(avl, &fn_find, NULL);
526 fsavl_destroy(avl_tree_t *avl) argument
531 if (avl == NULL)
535 while ((fn = avl_destroy_nodes(avl, &cookie)) != NULL)
537 avl_destroy(avl);
538 free(avl);
542 * Given an nvlist, produce an avl tree of snapshots, ordered by guid
2583 created_before(libzfs_handle_t *hdl, avl_tree_t *avl, argument
2598 nvfs = fsavl_find(avl, guid
H A Dsmbfs_subr2.c797 smbfs_init_hash_avl(avl_tree_t *avl) argument
799 avl_create(avl, smbfs_node_cmp, sizeof (smbnode_t),
H A Ddsl_deleg.c469 * and load them into the permsets avl tree.
473 char type, char checkflag, void *valp, avl_tree_t *avl)
497 if (avl_find(avl, permnode, &idx) == NULL) {
498 avl_insert(avl, permnode, idx);
511 dsl_load_user_sets(objset_t *mos, uint64_t zapobj, avl_tree_t *avl, argument
520 ZFS_DELEG_USER_SETS, checkflag, &id, avl);
524 ZFS_DELEG_GROUP_SETS, checkflag, &id, avl);
527 ZFS_DELEG_EVERYONE_SETS, checkflag, NULL, avl);
534 ZFS_DELEG_GROUP_SETS, checkflag, &id, avl);
472 dsl_load_sets(objset_t *mos, uint64_t zapobj, char type, char checkflag, void *valp, avl_tree_t *avl) argument
H A Dzap_micro.c38 #include <sys/avl.h>
311 avl_tree_t *avl = &zn->zn_zap->zap_m.zap_avl; local
319 mze = avl_find(avl, &mze_tofind, &idx);
321 mze = avl_nearest(avl, idx, AVL_AFTER);
322 for (; mze && mze->mze_hash == zn->zn_hash; mze = AVL_NEXT(avl, mze)) {
336 avl_tree_t *avl = &zap->zap_m.zap_avl; local
345 for (mzap_ent_t *mze = avl_find(avl, &mze_tofind, &idx);
346 mze && mze->mze_hash == hash; mze = AVL_NEXT(avl, mze)) {
621 /* XXX destroy the avl later, so we can use the stored hash value */
H A Ddmu_objset.c1885 userquota_update_cache(avl_tree_t *avl, const char *id, int64_t delta) argument
1896 uqn = avl_find(avl, (const void *)id, &idx);
1900 avl_insert(avl, uqn, idx);
H A Dspa_misc.c50 #include <sys/avl.h>
954 spa_aux_add(vdev_t *vd, avl_tree_t *avl) argument
961 if ((aux = avl_find(avl, &search, &where)) != NULL) {
967 avl_insert(avl, aux, where);
972 spa_aux_remove(vdev_t *vd, avl_tree_t *avl) argument
979 aux = avl_find(avl, &search, &where);
984 avl_remove(avl, aux);
992 spa_aux_exists(uint64_t guid, uint64_t *pool, int *refcnt, avl_tree_t *avl) argument
997 found = avl_find(avl, &search, NULL);
1017 spa_aux_activate(vdev_t *vd, avl_tree_t *avl) argument
H A Dpkgserv.c81 #include <sys/avl.h>
122 avl_node_t avl; /* The avl header */ member in struct:pkgentry
331 offsetof(pkgentry_t, avl));
1037 /* Copy new value: pathlen is the same and avl is kept */
H A Dnfs4_acl.c201 offsetof(ace4vals_t, avl));
203 offsetof(ace4vals_t, avl));
943 * Find or create an ace4vals holder for a given id and avl tree.
945 * Note that only one thread will ever touch these avl trees, so
949 ace4vals_find(nfsace4 *ace4, avl_tree_t *avl, int *num) argument
955 rc = avl_find(avl, &key, &where);
962 avl_insert(avl, rc, where);
H A Dacl_common.c29 #include <sys/avl.h>
131 avl_node_t avl; member in struct:acevals
797 * Find or create an acevals holder for a given id and avl tree.
799 * Note that only one thread will ever touch these avl trees, so
803 acevals_find(ace_t *ace, avl_tree_t *avl, int *num) argument
809 rc = avl_find(avl, &key, &where);
818 avl_insert(avl, rc, where);
1295 offsetof(acevals_t, avl));
1297 offsetof(acevals_t, avl));
1306 offsetof(acevals_t, avl));
H A Dsmb_kutil.c1219 smb_avl_create(smb_avl_t *avl, size_t size, size_t offset, argument
1222 ASSERT(avl);
1225 rw_init(&avl->avl_lock, NULL, RW_DEFAULT, NULL);
1226 mutex_init(&avl->avl_mutex, NULL, MUTEX_DEFAULT, NULL);
1228 avl->avl_nops = ops;
1229 avl->avl_state = SMB_AVL_STATE_READY;
1230 avl->avl_refcnt = 0;
1231 (void) random_get_pseudo_bytes((uint8_t *)&avl->avl_sequence,
1234 avl_create(&avl->avl_tree, ops->avln_cmp, size, offset);
1243 smb_avl_destroy(smb_avl_t *avl) argument
1285 smb_avl_add(smb_avl_t *avl, void *item) argument
1317 smb_avl_remove(smb_avl_t *avl, void *item) argument
1354 smb_avl_lookup(smb_avl_t *avl, void *item) argument
1386 smb_avl_release(smb_avl_t *avl, void *item) argument
1402 smb_avl_iterinit(smb_avl_t *avl, smb_avl_cursor_t *cursor) argument
1425 smb_avl_iterate(smb_avl_t *avl, smb_avl_cursor_t *cursor) argument
1465 smb_avl_hold(smb_avl_t *avl) argument
1485 smb_avl_rele(smb_avl_t *avl) argument
H A Dnfs4_kprot.h371 avl_node_t avl; member in struct:ace4vals
H A Dzfs_main.c2531 uu_avl_t *avl = cb->cb_avl; local
2645 if ((n = uu_avl_find(avl, node, &sortinfo, &idx)) == NULL) {
2646 uu_avl_insert(avl, node, idx);
2802 size_t *width, boolean_t rmnode, uu_avl_t *avl)
2827 for (node = uu_avl_first(avl); node; node = uu_avl_next(avl, node)) {
4693 set_deleg_perm_node(uu_avl_t *avl, deleg_perm_node_t *node, argument
4703 if ((found_node = uu_avl_find(avl, node, NULL, &idx))
4705 uu_avl_insert(avl, node, idx);
4731 uu_avl_t *avl local
2801 print_us(boolean_t scripted, boolean_t parsable, int *fields, int types, size_t *width, boolean_t rmnode, uu_avl_t *avl) argument
4759 uu_avl_t *avl = NULL; local
5440 uu_avl_t *avl = who_node->who_perm.who_deleg_perm_avl; local
5486 uu_avl_t *avl = who_node->who_perm.who_deleg_perm_avl; local

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