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H A Darc.h60 typedef struct arc_buf arc_buf_t; typedef in typeref:struct:arc_buf
71 const blkptr_t *bp, arc_buf_t *buf, void *priv);
72 typedef void arc_write_done_func_t(zio_t *zio, arc_buf_t *buf, void *priv);
148 * indicates whether this arc_buf_t is encrypted, regardless of
156 arc_buf_t *b_next;
184 boolean_t arc_is_metadata(arc_buf_t *buf);
185 boolean_t arc_is_encrypted(arc_buf_t *buf);
186 boolean_t arc_is_unauthenticated(arc_buf_t *buf);
187 enum zio_compress arc_get_compression(arc_buf_t *buf);
188 void arc_get_raw_params(arc_buf_t *bu

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