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H A Dcdefs.h88 #define __inline inline /* convert to C++ keyword */ macro
91 #define __inline /* delete GCC keyword */ macro
102 #define __inline macro
H A D_ctype.h84 #define __inline macro
97 static __inline int
104 static __inline int
111 static __inline int
117 static __inline int
123 static __inline int
130 static __inline __ct_rune_t
137 static __inline __ct_rune_t
144 static __inline __ct_rune_t
151 static __inline __ct_rune_
H A Dreserved.c20 static int (__inline); variable
104 reserved.c:20:12: error: Trying to use reserved word '__inline' as identifier
H A Dif_iwncompat.h147 #define __inline inline macro
H A Dcdefs.h165 #define __inline inline /* convert to C++ keyword */ macro
168 #define __inline /* delete GCC keyword */ macro
179 #define __inline macro

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