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H A Dsocket.h73 * \brief In Winsock, a socket handle is of type SOCKET; in UN*X, it's
75 * We define SOCKET to be a signed integer on UN*X, so that it can
78 #ifndef SOCKET
79 #define SOCKET int macro
H A Dlibifconfig.h40 SOCKET enumerator in enum:__anon432
H A Dntp_types.h73 * VMS DECC (v4.1), {u_char,u_short,u_long} are only in SOCKET.H,
292 typedef int SOCKET; typedef
H A Dsslio.c44 #define SOCKET int macro
H A Dclient.c44 #define SOCKET int macro
54 SOCKET fd;
541 SOCKET fd;
H A Dserver.c44 #define SOCKET int macro
51 static SOCKET
55 SOCKET fd;
168 static SOCKET
169 accept_client(SOCKET server_fd, int verbose, int nonblock)
656 SOCKET server_fd, fd;

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