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H A Dbsd-poll.h42 #define POLLIN 0x0001 macro
H A Dpoll.h59 * XXX Note POLLIN isn't really supported in true SVSV terms. Under SYSV
60 * POLLIN includes all of normal, band and urgent data. Most poll handlers
63 #define POLLIN 0x0001 /* any readable data available */ macro
73 #define POLLINIGNEOF 0x2000 /* like POLLIN, except ignore EOF */
H A Dapr_arch_networkio.h88 #define POLLIN 1 macro
H A Djob.h100 #define POLLIN 0x0001 macro
H A Dtnftp.h119 #if !defined(POLLIN)
120 # define POLLIN 0x0001 macro

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