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H A Dext2_vfsops.c914 mtx_init(EXT2_MTX(ump), "EXT2FS", "EXT2FS Lock", MTX_DEF); local
H A Dmutex.h52 #define MTX_DEF 0x00000000 /* DEFAULT (sleep) lock */ macro
71 #define MTX_RECURSED 0x00000001 /* lock recursed (for MTX_DEF only) */
72 #define MTX_CONTESTED 0x00000002 /* lock contested (for MTX_DEF only) */
351 * mtx_lock(m) locks MTX_DEF mutex `m'
355 * mtx_unlock(m) unlocks MTX_DEF mutex `m'
364 * mtx_trylock(m) attempts to acquire MTX_DEF mutex `m' but doesn't sleep if
H A Dffs_vfsops.c1160 mtx_init(UFS_MTX(ump), "FFS", "FFS Lock", MTX_DEF); local
H A Dbsd_kernel.h123 #define MTX_DEF 0 macro

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