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H A Dzalloc_malloc.c106 Free(void *ptr, const char *file, int line) function
183 Free(ptr, file, line);
206 Free(ptr, file, line);
H A Ddh_gssapi.h54 #define Free(p) free(p) macro
H A DTypes.h210 void (*Free)(void *p, void *address, size_t size); /* address can be 0 */ member in struct:__anon2048
214 #define IAlloc_Free(p, a) (p)->Free((p), a)
H A Dutility.h77 #define Free(x) { if (x) free(x); } macro
H A Dradix.h183 #define Free(p, c) kmem_cache_free(c, p) macro
204 #define Free(p, c) free((char *)p); /* c is ignored */ macro
H A Dradix_ipf.h159 # undef Free macro
170 #define Free(p) KFREE(p) macro
H A Deventlib_p.h167 enum { Accept, File, Stream, Timer, Wait, Free, Null } type; enumerator in enum:evEvent_p::__anon4118
H A Dlp.h526 #define Free(ptr) _Free(ptr, __FILE__, __LINE__) macro
H A Dcommands.c156 Free(char **p) function
169 Free(&list[i]);
1475 Free(&buf);

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