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H A Dtbutils.c326 UINT64 Address64; local
349 ACPI_MOVE_64_TO_64 (&Address64, TableEntry);
352 if (Address64 > ACPI_UINT32_MAX)
359 ACPI_FORMAT_UINT64 (Address64)));
362 return ((ACPI_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS) (Address64));
H A Dtbfadt.c182 UINT64 Address64);
190 UINT16 Address64; member in struct:acpi_fadt_info
373 * Address64 - 64-bit address of the register
398 UINT64 Address64)
401 if (!Address64)
409 (Address64 != (UINT64) Address32))
416 RegisterName, Address32, ACPI_FORMAT_UINT64 (Address64),
429 return (Address64);
626 ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS *Address64; local
684 Address64
395 AcpiTbSelectAddress( char *RegisterName, UINT32 Address32, UINT64 Address64) argument
H A Damlresrc.h788 AML_RESOURCE_ADDRESS64 Address64; member in union:aml_resource
H A Dacrestyp.h867 ACPI_RESOURCE_ADDRESS64 Address64; member in union:acpi_resource_data
H A Dfusion.h124 U64 Address64; member in union:_MPI2_SGE_SIMPLE_UNION::__anon6
147 U64 Address64; member in union:_MPI2_SGE_CHAIN_UNION::__anon8
H A Dmpi2.h942 U64 Address64; member in union:_MPI2_SGE_SIMPLE_UNION::__anon270
978 U64 Address64; member in union:_MPI2_SGE_CHAIN_UNION::__anon271

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