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H A Dasm.h64 #define ALTENTRY(x) _ENTRY(x); \ macro
75 #define ALTENTRY(x) _ENTRY(x) macro
H A Dasmacros.h89 * ALTENTRY() must be before a corresponding ENTRY() so that it can jump to
102 #define ALTENTRY(name) GEN_ENTRY(name) ; MCOUNT ; MEXITCOUNT ; jmp 9f macro
120 * ALTENTRY() has to align because it is before a corresponding ENTRY().
121 * ENTRY() has to align to because there may be no ALTENTRY() before it.
122 * If there is a previous ALTENTRY() then the alignment code for ENTRY()
125 #define ALTENTRY(name) GEN_ENTRY(name) macro
H A Dasm.h78 #define ALTENTRY(x) _ENTRY(x); \ macro
89 #define ALTENTRY(x) _ENTRY(x) macro
H A Dasm_linkage.h203 * ALTENTRY provides for additional entry points.
205 #define ALTENTRY(x) \ macro
H A Dasm_linkage.h251 * ALTENTRY provides for additional entry points.
253 #define ALTENTRY(x) \ macro

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