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138  * compressed ARC functionality is disabled, the b_pabd will point to an
151 * compressed form. The typical case is that consumers will want uncompressed
154 * compressed arc_buf_t's is "zfs send", when it streams data exactly as it
159 * first one is owned by a compressed send consumer (and therefore references
160 * the same compressed data buffer as the arc_buf_hdr_t) and the second could be
183 * compressed | | | |
185 * +------+ compressed, | data
196 * hdr is compressed and the desired compression characteristics of the
199 * the last buffer in the hdr's b_buf list, however a shared compressed buf can
246 * that when compressed ARC is enabled that the L2ARC blocks are identical
249 * L2ARC to determine if the contents are valid. However, if the compressed
255 * Raw (encrypted + possibly compressed) data has a few subtle differences from
256 * data that is just compressed. The biggest difference is that it is not
259 * If a caller would prefer compressed data, but they actually wind up with
521 * Number of compressed bytes stored in the arc_buf_hdr_t's b_pabd.
522 * Note that the compressed bytes may match the uncompressed bytes
523 * if the block is either not compressed or compressed arc is disabled.
527 * Uncompressed size of the data stored in b_pabd. If compressed
870 /* compressed size of entire arc */
1171 * If we discover during ARC scan any buffers to be compressed, we boost
1246 ARC_FILL_COMPRESSED = 1 << 1, /* fill with compressed data */
1606 * This is the size that the buf occupies in memory. If the buf is compressed,
1607 * it will correspond to the compressed size. You should use this method of
1660 * Indicates how this buffer is compressed in memory. If it is not compressed
1722 * Return true iff at least one of the bufs on hdr is not compressed.
1723 * Encrypted buffers count as compressed.
1742 * or if the buf is compressed, this is a no-op.
1787 * is valid or not. When compressed arc is enabled, the l2arc
1791 * a separate checksum in the arc_buf_hdr_t. However, if compressed
1795 * compressed on the main pool before we can validate the checksum.
1849 * isn't modified later on. If buf is compressed or there is already a checksum
2132 * The MAC is calculated on the compressed data that is stored on disk.
2133 * However, if compressed arc is disabled we will only have the
2216 * compressed after decrypting it, we need to decompress the newly
2333 * If the buf is marked as compressed but uncompressed data was requested, this
2335 * buf with uncompressed data. You can't request a compressed buf on a hdr with
2337 * want compressed data your buf must already be marked as compressed and have
2348 boolean_t compressed = (flags & ARC_FILL_COMPRESSED) != 0;
2354 IMPLY(compressed, hdr_compressed || ARC_BUF_ENCRYPTED(buf));
2355 IMPLY(compressed, ARC_BUF_COMPRESSED(buf));
2407 ASSERT(!compressed);
2426 if (hdr_compressed == compressed) {
2433 ASSERT(!compressed);
2465 * should not be compressed at the end of this function.
2982 * 5. the buf is either compressed or it is the last buf in the hdr list
2986 * might ask, "if a compressed buf is allocated first, won't that be the
2988 * a shared uncompressed buf anyway (because the hdr must be compressed
2989 * to have the compressed buf). You might also think that #3 is
3011 * or if you want a compressed buffer, pass those flags in. Returns 0 if the
3016 void *tag, boolean_t encrypted, boolean_t compressed, boolean_t noauth,
3028 IMPLY(encrypted, compressed);
3045 * Only honor requests for compressed bufs if the hdr is actually
3046 * compressed. This must be overriden if the buffer is encrypted since
3053 } else if (compressed &&
3267 * to increment its compressed and uncompressed kstats and
3408 * There is an equivalent case for compressed bufs, but since
3417 /* hdr is uncompressed so can't have compressed buf */
3438 * if we have a compressed, shared buffer.
3556 * the compressed or uncompressed data depending on the block
3557 * it references and compressed arc enablement.
3855 * Allocate a compressed buf in the same manner as arc_alloc_buf. Don't use this
4165 * If this hdr is being evicted and has a compressed
5815 * callback is compressed and another
5954 * we maintain encrypted data seperately from compressed / uncompressed
6573 * if we have a compressed, shared buffer.
6769 * but to copy the data into b_rabd. If the hdr is compressed, the data
6789 * user may have disabled compressed ARC, thus we must check the
6862 * If the block to be written was all-zero or compressed enough to be
7644 * l2arc_headroom_boost when we find compressed buffers during ARC
7647 * since more compressed buffers are likely to
7986 * If the L2ARC block was compressed, but ARC compression