History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/sun4v/promif/promif_stree.c
Revision Date Author Comments
de81a4f48d467f6d0263221cbf4a199b6a925948 04-Jan-2008 jm22469 <none@none> 6644851 fix for 6620322 was incomplete
a47315d76ac34b1416ba8bd333c4d3b7ee54a56b 20-Nov-2007 jm22469 <none@none> 6620322 QJ071020-001 The panic occurred when the system was booted on T5120.
c3bc9566581e85093f7711d6fe1e718d65de42c6 31-May-2007 ae112802 <none@none> 6553696 solaris panics "bad stack overflow at TL 2 ", find_node_work() recursion
1ae0874509b6811fdde1dfd46f0d93fd09867a3f 16-May-2006 heppo <none@none> FWARC 2005/633 Project Q Logial Domaining Umbrella
FWARC 2005/739 sun4v channels
FWARC 2006/055 Domain Services
FWARC 2006/072 sun4v virtual devices machine description data
FWARC 2006/074 sun4v interrupt cookies
FWARC 2006/075 Channel devices, Virtual Disk client and server bindings
FWARC 2006/076 Virtual Network Client and switch Bindings
FWARC 2006/081 Virtual Logical Domain Channel (vldc) Bindings
FWARC 2006/086 LDOM variables
FWARC 2006/105 LDOM support for NCP
FWARC 2006/110 Domain Services MD node and other misc properties
FWARC 2006/117 Virtual Console Concentrator Bindings
FWARC 2006/135 sun4v channel console packets
FWARC 2006/140 sun4v channels transport protocol
FWARC 2006/141 FMA Domain Services
FWARC 2006/174 NCS HV Update
FWARC 2006/184 sun4v channels shared memory
FWARC 2006/195 Virtual IO Communication Protocol
PSARC 2006/152 Logical Domain Channels Transport API
6272074 Need interface to determine execution unit sharing.
6354556 Add machine description kernel framework support
6391870 LDoms v1.0 Solaris Changes